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  • Please contact us by:

    Address: Winners Waterjet Cutting Ltd.
                    #35-145 Schoolhouse Street,
                    Coquitlam, B.C. 
                    Canada V3K 4X8

    Phone:    1-604-523-1829
    Fax:        1-604-523-1836
    E-mail:     winners@artcut.net

  • We pride ourselves on our highly helpful technical and sales staff. Our designs have been installed over the whole country and other North America counties, outside and inside, in all weather zones.

  • All our designs are installer friendly and we work closely with installers and contractors to meet all their concerns and requirements.

  • Our company is always ready to assist or send a technical representative to the job site if required.

  • On appropriate installations of the right size, we will be happy to submit a bid.

Michael Hai